My Love of Pizza Hut.

Since the day I was born, I would eat Pizza Hut everyday.
My dad worked there, and brought a Pizza Hut pizza for
dinner every night.

We eventually moved after the place closed down at the age of ten.
for the five years I was living with my parents...
I was forced to eat normal food...
My body was crushed. I felt so terrible. I would puke every night.
So I had to resort to sneaking out to dumpsters to get Pizza Hut.
I was so skinny, I was so alone. Noone understood me.
A few years of doing that... the employees eventually noticed,
and they gave me a free Pizza Hut pizza every night.
My parents realised I was fatter, and they asked me what I was doing.
I was so scared in that moment.

(What should I tell them?)

They kicked me out at the age of fifthteen, on my fifthteen birthday.
that night was so awful. I refused to eat anything for days.

I lived in the woods, so noone would notice me.
I kept sneaking out and getting pizza.
I did this for a year, and then they told me I could get the job.
This was the best day of my entire life.
Knowing how to make the perfect Pizza Hut Pizza
and they loved me, I made the perfect pizzas every time...
I don't work there anymore, well for a incident with the dough...