PizzaJohnnyGuy - The Last Delivery


If you didn't know, there a ending to all Johnny Stuff is in the works, so far the script has been finished, all voice lines have been recorded, and 4 scenes in total are done. This project may take a while but it will be worth it. Just to make it clear, this video will mark the end of PizzaJohnnyGuy as a whole, and every social media account will go inactive.

Johnny's Socials


upsettingly a major overhaul has been going on and the majority of the old Johnny ending has been scrapped, though the ending of it will still remain the same (albeit changed a little)

this is a major lost for the johnny community (4th graders), we apologize for this sincerely

Onto the Next Thing.

Adam Model Remade

A whole new Adam Model was made just for the ending, it is miles better than a previous model which was just a edit of the Johnny Model, if you want a better look at it here Model Link

Screenshots from the Ending

A timeline of all of the edits so far

A screenshot from one of the first scenes

A Screenshot from their front lawn

A screenshot from later in the video (note the background is incomplete still)