Johnny Pizza Hut Safety Document.

Hello! We are so excited to have you here working at our restaurant!
As you should know... Johnny's Pizza Hut™ is very serious when it comes to safety!
It is our top priority to make sure that you are safe while on the job.

How to stay Safe, in the most confusing Situations

If you are confused about what to do in a certain moment... It is best to follow our guides about them


One of the best things you can do at your job is to mantain power,
we don't want to waste excess power on such things as electronics...

If the electricity turns off to your ignorance...
Please remain calm. Make a phone call on your landline Pizza Hut™ phone
to our support team! And they are sure to help you with this problem

Johnny Movement

If you have a feeling that Johnny is moving in the restuarant,
make sure to use your camera, this will stun him for how
long you use your camera.

But this does use up power...
So be easy on the cameras.

If you are unsure if Johnny is close to your office terminal.
use the light buttons on your left and right to check.

If Johnny is right by your office, do not let him in
close the doors with the door buttons on your left and right.
But do not hold these forever, since they do use power very heavily.

Interaction with Johnny 1

If you are talking with Johnny on his off hours
(which is very illadvised...)

Please keep the subjects you discuss with him relating to Pizza Hut™
If the subjects aren't in Johnny's favor...
Johnny will become hostile, and you are advised to run outside of the building,
or into a hiding space.

If Johnny brings up a different subject other than Pizza Hut™
Do not hesitate at all in this moment
Hiding anywhere inside of the restuarant will not result in you being safe.
The recommended space you should stay away from Johnny is 50 Miles~

Interaction with Johnny 2

If Johnny is kind enough to tell you a joke, make sure to laugh at it.
Johnny is good at detecting fake laughs, so he will know if you're being genuine.

If you tell Johnny a joke, and he doesn't laugh at it,
this reaction is normal, do not get mad at him for not expressing emotion.
If you are to question why he didn't laugh, this will only make the situation worse.

Interation with Johnny 3

If you are good enough to be offered a Pizza by Johnny,
it means that Johnny has gained good trust with you, and will stay loyal.
If you decline his offer, he will kill you.
You will burn in his own hell.

Surprisingly, Johnny won't accept Pizza Hut Pizza you give him,
this is because the Pizza you give him, is basically contaminated by your hands.
He will only accept pizza directly from workers hands.
His desired food is ROFL BURGERS.
Instead of eating it, he will put it into his collection.